Disaster Area

When I get home, only four walls wait for me
Place of regression, I enter without fear
It's been a long time, when she no more whines for me?
It's been a long time, no more she steps into my dreams

Annoying silence already filled my ears
Eternal darkness got right into my eyes
My empty heart did only turn it's back on me
My dirty soul is only thing that I have got

My empty house is a disaster area
Place without love
Place without hate

Call of the Nature

The stones on the ground, and some place to stand
The air, I breathe, surrounding all the things I feel
These clouds over me, full of water for me to drink
The sun I see; lights up the life inside of me

The flowers in my soulgarden; the trees in my wood of heart
I´m fishing in my deep waters; I´m hunting monsters in my mind
I´m keeping the sun in my soul; I´m holding my dreams through the night
All of these things, I´m feeling; create a natural world of mine

Call of the nature – now bearing on my ears
Call of the wild – revealed the animal in me

The Alchemist

Now I am in a strange castle
Far away from my world
Deep in the woods of North
Where the day is neverending
I don´t know, why I am here
Where the time stands still
I have fallen down in his eyes
Why, that only God knows

Forest is full of magic
It´s prepared to take my soul
The land is dark
It will be good for my dead body
Why do I feel like a stranger
In this place of understanding?
The city of enemies
Is waiting for my end

I hate this town – where I am prisoned in
It will fall down – to the depths of the earth
I hate these people – just puppets in his hands
Suicide, is the way for me


When darkness is embracing the last rays of light
Once more I am afraid of the beast from my dreams
Through sunset lurking for the right time to come in
And when I fall asleep, it is free to come inside

I am afraid to sleep, just to survive another night?
Then I'm so tired, I'm calling out someone to help
All that is left of me is scattered to debris
I am finally free, when my dreams creep away

How to survive another night
The beast is bringing me near to madness
My nightmares spooking me, inside
How could I feel safe when dreaming?

Lost Souls

All of the time in the darkness
Without a hope to see the light
Hiding away underground
They have no power to fight
Neverending pain fills their hearts
Neverending blindness fills their eyes
So cold and dark is their living
Like emptiness in their minds

Whatever happened in their lives
That made them hate all the world
With so much time, since they've lost hope
They feel like there's no way out
They don´t know how to be happy
When lonely living with nobody else
Tears, dark and pain
The only sense of their days

Lost souls – are flying through the empty spaces
Lost souls – are still living without faith
Lost souls – don´t believe in the future
Lost souls – don't have a time for love and hate

Angel Of Darkness

In the middle of the night
She just came to my mind
Such beauty, and passion within
So lovely, quite infinitely
In the middle of the day
My dirty soul is bleeding
My heart is afire
It's hard to stop crying

Angel of darkness is breaking my heart
My dirty soul is crushing my mind
Angel of darkness is raging inside
I am full of sin – so I should be damned forever

Holy War

The world is shaking, they have made it full of hate
People are dying, they are plenty with their might
They do believe in God, so much they have to kill
Useless prosperity for those who do shed blood

Glory and fall
And their own joy
Reasons to kill
Power and might
That bloody night
Breaking up the world

They claim their faith, as the only holy one
Leaving us blind, so we cannot see the roots
Not so holy actions, are spreading their own faith
Justice is blind, now death is laughing at it's throne

Glory and fall
And their own joy
Reasons to kill
Power and might
That bloody night
Breaking up the world

What kind of power is behind their will to kill
Their holy faith is drowning in the mankind's blood

The shadows hover about countryside
And black crow expands its wings
Who's in control, who knows the reason
Who is responsible for it all

Death is creeping into our homes
This merciful sister of pain
Their faith is breaking up and falling
Now they're dying for their own religion

Power of Mass

You are desperately worthless
Can't see beyond the length of your nose
You can be sure you will never
Walk this way all on your own
Warm and safe is your house
Bitching, is all you can do
And there is no such power
To make you move up your ass

Try to reveal your own opinion
And express all your feelings
Try to choose your own way
Just don´t get lost in the mass

Only amorphous mass
Made of people like you
Allows itself to be controlled
Manipulated, like the puppets
Only a man without a will
Is the best fucking tool
Making it possible for someone
To change all the world

Power of mass – now you just hide away your face
Power of mass – you are the man without a will
Power of mass – you want to hazard with your life
Power of mass – you´re dying because of the strange faith